24/7 Support
Billing enquiries: 1-210-651-4487
24/7 Support
Billing enquiries: 1-210-651-4487

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Got Backup. If your question is not covered and listed here please make sure to Contact Us here.

Our operations started in Gatineau Quebec, Canada in 1998. As our turnkey systems were developed and put in the hands of our consumers, we soon realized that we needed more resources to be able to take our software-developing operations worldwide. Our market research on finding a new location for our new data center led us to Texas. We discovered Texas to be top in the industry for endless fiber optics and resources. We moved our operations to San Antonio, Texas in 2007. We have stood the test of time and continue to offer great affordable products and services for well over 2 decades now, that are user-friendly, highly affordable, and available worldwide. Proudly offering services for customers in over 134 countries.

No! It's not possible with the encryption and encryption keys that are used. Only you have full control of your data. Your data is privately protected with the highest level of encryption. (Military Grade AES-256 bit encryption), and passwords are only generated by you. WE SIMPLY ENCRYPT EVERYTHING - TO KNOW NOTHING.

We use 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS protocols to secure data at rest and in transit. AES 256-bit encryption is the most robust encryption standard that is commercially available today. With AES 256-bit encryption being the superior in digital security. The less AES 128-bit encryption has never been cracked.

AES-256 encryption is virtually uncrackable using any brute-force method. It would take millions of years to break it using the current computing technology and capabilities. You can rest assured that you are safe with 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS protocols. Your data is always secure at rest and in transit.

All data is stored in Texas, USA.

We run 24/7 video-monitored security outside and inside our data center. Fingerprint reader plus door code on building entry. Every door inside the data center is sensor-activated. Every door in the data center requires code entry. Every month door codes are changed. Only a selected few, Technical engineers are permitted in the server room facility. Video surveillance and temperature monitoring are also monitored directly in the server room 24/7. Locked security gates impound our air conditioning systems for the server room and generator for power backup.

Yes! The software works on all platforms. For your mobile devices, you can download the GotBackup App from your App Store. Back up all the data on your smartphone. Auto sync for hands-free encrypted storage. Never lose a file, photo, or video ever again. Even if your devices are lost or stolen, your data will always be safe and secure in the cloud. You can even access your data in the Cloud from any browser.

No! Got Backup is a complete universal collaboration tool as well. Create docs, notes and power points. Share files, folders, and photos with custom share links. Create photo albums and enjoy the enhanced photo editor. Use share links to share your photos or albums for a family time capsule of life.

Visa, Master card, America Express, and Crypto Payments are accepted. On the inside of your account, you will also have access to digital wallets.

It is vitally important to keep a good-standing account up to date on payments. There is no binding contact with our service. It is all month to month and you can cancel your account at any time. However, you are 100% responsible for your data. Moving your data from the cloud or to another service provider is solely your responsibility. We hold data on canceled accounts for 30 days. On accounts that go suspended due to failed payments, that data is held for 90 days before being removed from our secured cloud environment.

Yes, you can set up five additional accounts for family members or friends if you wish to. They do not have to live in the same household. They can be remote anywhere in the world. You will not have access to any of these additional accounts that you set up. Each account that you wish to set up will receive 1 TB of storage space minus your 6 TB total. You will soon have the ability to give the desired amount of storage space to these accounts. Once set it can not be reverted.

Yes, you can always upgrade and receive an additional 2 TB for a one-time payment of $99.00. You can purchase this upgrade from the marketplace in your member's area or simply contact our support and they will fix you up in real time.

Yes, it is possible to generate a full-time income. To get great results it takes work and dedication. If you see the vision with Got Backup the opportunity is huge and we currently have thousands of people generating an income. To offer a great opportunity you need a great product or service. Got Backup is digital meaning it is delivered instantly to clients anywhere in the world. With over six billion smartphones and 3 billion laptops worldwide the loss of data increases from human error, lost or stolen devices. Got Backup has it all covered while offering incredible value at a very low cost. All resellers receive marketing material and tools to help them generate long-term wealth.

For more information on becoming a reseller Click Here.

No! We allow one account per household. This eliminates gaming our affiliate program and payouts.

Yes! All resellers are invited to our private Facebook group for company updates, affiliate recognition, and welcoming of new resellers to the program. Recognition is based on leveling the income tiers from the Bronze tier to the million-dollar Black Diamond tier.
You will also have direct access to our live-stream webinars which are also being broadcasted in multiple languages. Enjoy the random and spontaneous monthly cash contests above the existing compensation plan. Enroll 10 direct referrals and become part of our 2% Club and receive a pin in the mail. We keep it fun, exciting, and real!